Keeping your network vigilant

In every industry, business operations depend on networks that are increasingly complex. Business applications, email services, web services, voice-over-IP, video conferences, just to name a few things that depend heavily on IT networks today. Therefore, the more you know about your network, the more you can improve user productivity, network performance, security, and compliance. Poor visibility makes it hard for people to do their jobs and cost a lot of effort as well as precious time. Vital information about networks and applications must be easily available.

We believe that it's impossible to fix what we can't see and optimize what we can't measure. Here are solutions that provides intelligence, insights and visibility.

Packet Inteligence for performance and security

Powerful hardware and software solutions that maintain network performance and enabling network forensics in breach investigations


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NETWORK ACCESS and VIsibility intelligence


Network Taps, Bypass Switches, Network Packet Brokers. Intelligently distribute traffic flowing from network devices across various port mappings.


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comprehensive NetFlow, sFlow, and IPFIX Solution


Scrutinizer is the most flexible and scalable NetFlow Analyzer on the market for deep application insight and network incident response.


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Customized solution to correlate important statistics and metrics from single or multiple data sources into dashboards to gain meaningful insights.


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